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The Canuck Collection 2012 is here and available for purchase.

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We have been busy as this Winter Down Under designing stuff ,running our own snowboarding event 'BANGERS FOR BANGERS"in New Zealand,growing the Clique Team and developing the Clique Facebook page.Go ahead and like us on Clique on Facebook
Clique-roll with your Crew!!

The latest Winter 2011 Clique "Kiwi Collection" beanie range.Design by Marcin Orlowski and Maiki Anderson.

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CLIQUE Summer Series Trucker hat,location Oxford Skatepark in New Zealand,photo by Joe

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New range of CLIQUE caps is out.Design by Joshua Cowell.Photo courtesy of

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Powder day up at Mt Hutt,New Zealand.Beanie shown:Clique Wallabie-"The Naturals 2 Collection".Photo by:Steve Hanford

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Gap Transfer-Czarna Gora,Poland.Rider:Marcin Orlowski.Photo by:Przemek

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Clique friend from China,Andy Wilde was dropping hammers all Winter long on those jumps.Location:Mt Hutt,NZ.Photo by:Jono Smit

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Fs boardslide up and out.Location:Mt Hutt,New Zealand.Rider Marcin Orlowski.Clique beanie-Naturals Collection Part 2.Photo by Jonno Smit.

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Clique Headwear friend Dave Burr transfers out and above Canterbury,New Zealand.Clique beanie shown:Naturals Collection.Photo by Jonathan Smit

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CLIQUE proudly presents an exclusive "Patterns Colllection".Design by Jadwiga and Anna Wolak.Photo by Marcin Orlowski

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This is not your typical snowboard spot-Coalmine bomb drop,Black Mountain,Poland.Rider:Marcin Orlowski.Photo by Przemek Drosik

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CLIQUE proudly presents:The Naturals Part 2 Winter 2010 Headwear Collection.Design by Ania Wolak.Photo by Marcin Orlowski

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Clique Rider Nick Alfieri fs 270 gapping out to slide.Location:Breckenridge,Colorado,USA.Photo by Tom Moorefield

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Method Down Under-Southern Alps,New Zealand.Rider Marcin Orlowski in the new Naturals Clique beanie.Photo by Johnno Smith

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The Clique in New Zealand's Southern Alps kicking off 2010/2011 Winter.Photo by Marcin Orlowski

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